Dottie’s Ability to Acclimate

From the coast of California to the forests of Alaska, Facility Dog Dottie shows her ability to acclimate to any situation. Whose role once assisted children at The Winston School in Del Mar, CA, she now has been given the … Read more

In Memory of Service Dog Mojo

TLCAD would like to re-introduce Spencer Fox and his TLCAD Service Dog, Mojo, placed with Spencer four years ago. Mojo passed away suddenly a few months ago, but many of you are unaware of how big a gift Mojo was … Read more

With Solar by Her Side

With Solar by her side, Sadie has been able to strive toward greater independence. Prior to receiving Solar, Sadie used a wheel chair and walker for her mobility needs. Through therapy and the help of her Service Dog, Sadie is … Read more

A Sgt. and His Dog

Life started to improve not only for Sgt.Kal Hofle but his family

Mully, with me!

HOW A DOG MAKES THE TRANSITION FROM BOY TO MAN POSSIBLE “Mully, with me!” Twelve year old, Wesley Metcalfe, has just come home from school and is now taking his new best friend, Mully – aka, The Mullet, The Mull, … Read more

Congratulations to Jesse and Jag!

Jag has been an amazing addition to our family. Prior to receiving Jag I rarely left the house with my family. It has made it hard for all of us not being able to go out together to festivals, stores, … Read more

“Poppy” Eases Anxieties, Offers Positive Focus

HOW ONE TENDER LOVING CANINE TRANSFORMS HER BOY’S FAMILY While mulling over how best to describe what Poppy has done for our son, I realized Poppy’s presence has brought bright new hope and peace to our entire family. Our Scott … Read more